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The respite daycare takes care of terminally and chronically ill HIV/AIDS and Cancer patients. It uses an integrated approach in recognition that some illness defined as chronic or terminal can be prevented, cured or delayed from progressing to the terminal stage. Respite daycare services are offered while putting into consideration the importance of open, honest and compassionate communication to a terminally ill person and their caregivers. This enables caregivers to provide appropriate optimal care and compassion to allow a person to retain his or her dignity. 

Services offered by the daycare include:

  Awareness-raising, community education and advocacy on cancer

 Training of caregivers on palliative care

  Daycare at the centre to give the caregivers a relieve 

  Nursing care at home

  Psychological, social and spiritual care and support  

  Support group for survivors of cancer

  Physiotherapy and occupational therapy at the centre

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