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?The main focus of the project is capacity building of community key resource persons (community health volunteers, Community facilitators (CFs), Community Advocacy Champions,Teachers and Health Facility Management committees).  The empowered resource persons will facilitate the larger community to reflect and take appropriate actions. The role of the project staff will be to provide technical assistance which once the community is empowered can continue claiming from government agencies after project conclusion.

The Project is working with community health volunteers (CHVs), seconded to the Project by the Ministry of health. The CHVs support primary project participants in case management, case referral, and counselling, home based care and legal aid services

The community facilitators (CFs) play the key role of mobilising members to participate in Community Conversation (CCs) forums.  The forums comprise a cross-section of community mobilised through existing community structures such as residents associations, Community Policing Committees, Nyumba Kumi, village elders and other influential members of the community including Adolescent girls and young women.   The CCs action points will further be deliberated jointly by the CFs and community GBV committees, a multi-agency groups that include such agencies as chiefs, local police, schools, health service providers, Ward administrators and children and gender officers.  The community GBV committees were selected during the implementation of previously funded UN Trust Fund Project following the guidelines as per the National GBV prevention and response policy.  We sought authorisation from the County Commissioner’s office who in turn directed the project sites chiefs to identified members to work with LHC.

The Project builds the capacity of the Facility Health Management Committees (FHMC) to undertake social audit of the health facilities and advocate for resources and commodities to facilitate comprehensive services for women and survivors of sexual and gender based violence