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Love and Hope Centre exists to restore the dignity and alleviate suffering by empowering the OVC’s, PLWHA’s, gender based violence survivors, Caregivers and the community at large to cope with HIV/AIDS through loving and caring services.The organization’s majority beneficiaries are children and vulnerable adults including  those who serve them. As an organization, we seek to create an environment in which children and vulnerable adults are: empowered, listened to, given a sense of security and belonging and are kept as safe as possible. Love and Hope is committed to ensure that children and vulnerable le adults are protected from any harm, real or potential while at our programmes and premises or while in any contact with the organization’s staff and volunteers.

Our Safeguarding and Protection Policy is underpinned by International Law and by Kenyan Law pertaining to the Rights of Children. The Policy is in line with the Kenyan Children’s for Act 2001, with FMSA Congregational Policy and the local church. These guiding principles inform the policy that:

·         Each child shall be cherished and affirmed as a gift from God with an inherent right to dignity of life and bodily integrity which shall be respected, nurtured and protected by all.

·         Everyone has an obligation to ensure that the fundamental rights of children are respected.

·         The protection of the child is always the primary consideration.

·         The best way to protect children is to empower children to protect themselves;

·         Proactive safeguarding of children requires

o    ownership of the policy and a conviction  of its necessity

o    that guidance and procedures are in place and followed for

§  responding adequately to allegations

§  safe recruiting and vetting

§  acceptable and non-discriminatory adult-child behaviour and child-child behaviour

§  the intimate care of children with disabilities

o   Appropriate training, education and communication about our policy and procedures is crucial and must be ongoing

Access to advice and support for both victim and abuser is a human right

Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of our policy is vital. It will make certain that it is actually protecting our children, is user-friendly, and is in keeping with new situations and laws

The Policy has Key standards that ensure utmost attainable Safeguarding and Protection.

Standard 1: A written policy on keeping children safe

Standard 2:  How to respond to child abuse allegations and suspension

Standard 3: Preventing harm to children

Standard 4: Training and education:

Standard 5: Communicating the love and hope safeguarding message

Standard 6: Access to advice and support

Standard 7: Implementing and monitoring the standards

 Report any form of abuse in our Organisation by calling the Safeguarding and Protection Officer on +254 703 898 449 OR email:info@loveandhopecentre.or.ke